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Cute teen inserts cucumbers in to her tight ass

Video from: FTV Girls

Few girls are as naughty as Vanna here at Sexy Free Chat. She is the kind of girl who never says no to fun. As long as it is fun or promises to be fun, she will do it any day any time. Today she wanted to try multiple insertions. She was on her bed playing with herself to get herself warmed up. She started with her ass and she thrust a dildo in it. She pounded herself with it and she felt great. She left it inside and she turned to her pussy and she stretched it with her hands.

It was now time for her pussy to get its own dildo and she inserted it without removing the one in her ass. Vanna had fun with her double penetration but that was not her main aim today since she had done it before. She took three cucumbers and she inserted them in her pussy at the same time. They stretched her pussy and threatened to tear it apart. She felt a little pain but being one who loves a little pain when she is having fun, she enjoyed it. Before she was done, she rocked herself till she came using a giant dildo she had.

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